Saturday, December 31, 2011


ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
happy , happy , happy , happy ,
waaaaa , saia HAPPY GLIEW !!!!
Words can't explain how much HAPPY i am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
am happy cuz



arghhhhhhhhh .
justin private twitter !!!
follow him !!

'am happy am happy am happy '
:) :")


not gonna post anything just(in) some HAPPY NEW YEAR WISHES !

May the stars carry
shine upon you,
May the flowers fill
your heart with beauty
May hope forever wipe
away your tears,
I wish you the very best with a
year full of happiness
may u achieve all that u wish for…
Wishing you many wishes for the New Year
Have a great 2012 ahead
Happy New Year 2012

H- Happiness is something that one settles for
A- After the ups and downs of ecstasy.
P- Perhaps one doesn’t know what one is looking for;
P- Perhaps one doesn’t realize one is free.
Y- Year’s end is time to tally up the tentacles,
N- Needing an occasion to take stock.
E- Everywhere are angels singing canticles
W- Well beyond the confines of the clock.
Y- Years, no more than seconds, are but moments,
E- Each eternity again, again.
A- All live on the wheel of joys and torments,
R- Returning to the ramparts of the wind

New Year is the time to unfold
new horizons & realize new dreams,
to rediscover the strength & faith within u,
to rejoice in simple pleasures and
gear up for new challenges.
Wishing u a truly fulfilling New Year!

New year is the time to forget every bad memory of the past year and start your life afresh. So, get up and hug a friend with whom you had a fight lately, get up and hug you parents and promise them you will not hurt them anymore, give a self hug and promise to yourself that come what may you would remain truthful to yourself, hug a poor kid and tell her that she is not alone, Help the needy and abolish the greedy from your life. So, just forget all your grudges and send these wonderful new year wishes to your loved ones. Cheers to 2012!! 

okayokayy , 
pixca time !!!

well , i found that pixca & wishes on 

well , new year , new live !
everything gonna change , my live , my look ,
my personality , 
there one thing i know im not gonna change it ! :)

yeah , u got that ryte !
' am gonna be a belieber forever and ever and ever and ever !,
till i die !!!! '
and im not gonna change boud that !
not EVER gonna change boud that !
#muchlove !


Friday, December 30, 2011


Dammn it looks better than ever !!!
welcome back hairflip ! :')


It feels like we've been out at sea, ohSo back and forth that's how it seems, whoaAnd when I want to talk, you say to meThat if it's meant to be, it will be, whoa, whoa

So crazy is this thing we call loveAnd now that we've got it we just can't give upI'm reaching out for youGot me out here in the water and I

I'm overboard and I need your love, pull me upI can't swim on my own, it's too muchFeels like I'm drowning without your loveSo throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver

Lifesaver, oh, lifesaverMy lifesaverLifesaver, oh, lifesaverWhoa, wow

Never understood you when you said, whoaWanted me to meet you halfway, whoaI felt like I was doing my partYou kept thinking you're coming up shortIt's funny how things change 'cause now I seeOh, whoa, whoa

So crazy is this thing we call loveAnd now that we've got it we just can't give upI'm reaching out for yaGot me out here in the water and I

I'm overboard and I need your love, pull me upI can't swim on my own, it's too muchFeels like I'm drowning without your loveSo throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver, oh

It's supposed to be some give and take, I knowBut you're only taking and not given any moreSo what do I do? 'Cause I still love youYou're the only one who can save me, whoa, whoa, whoa

Oh, I'm overboard and I need your love, pull me upI can't swim on my own, it's too muchFeels like I'm drowning without your loveSo throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver

Lifesaver, oh, lifesaverMy lifesaverIt's crazy, crazy, crazy, yeahLifesaver, oh, lifesaver

Oh, lifesaver, oh, lifesaverMy lifesaverLifesaver, oh, lifesaverYeah

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

blog bwu !!

bkan blog saia p blog bestie saia 
4low dye tau !!!

xtau nq post apew daa 
(otak saia blank ! -.-' )


Sunday, December 25, 2011


#MerryBiebxmas !

Hope You Spend It Well with Your Love One's
Santa Didn't Bring Me " Justin " Last Tonight
Wow He a Big Fat Meanieeeee !!!!!!
But as A Said Hope you all have a Biebtasic
Biebxmas !!!!!!! <3


                                                        And i was like baby,baby,baby ohh 
like baby,baby,baby noo
like baby,baby,baby, ohh
i thougth you'd always be mine (mine)
baby,baby,baby, ohh
like baby,baby,baby nooo
like baby,baby,baby, ohhh
i thougth you'd always be mine (mine) !!!


Thursday, December 22, 2011


nuq upload pixca jeww !

ngan daxx poyosss ! ^^

at KFC wif my bestbestfriendS !

Monday, December 12, 2011

JUSTIN DREW BIEBER !!!!!!! ( wikipedia )


born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor.Bieber was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun,who came across Bieber's videos on YouTube and later became his manager. Braun arranged for him to meet with Usher in Atlanta, Georgia, and Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), a joint venture between Braun and Usher,and then to a recording contract with Island Records offered by L.A. Reid.
Bieber's debut single, "One Time", was released in 2009 and peaked in the top ten in Canada and charted in the top thirty in several international markets. His debut album, My World, followed in November 2009, and was later certified platinum in the United States. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100.Bieber's first full studio release, My World 2.0, was released in March 2010 and debuted at number one and within the top ten of several countries, and was certified platinum in the United States. It was preceded by the worldwide top-ten single, "Baby". The music video of "Baby" is currently ranked as the most viewed and most discussed YouTube video.Bieber followed-up the release of his debut album with his first headlining tour, the My World Tour, the remix albums My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never – The Remixes, and the 3D biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – which had an opening weekend gross that nearly matched the record for the biggest opening weekend for a concert-film. Bieber released his second studio album, Under the Mistletoe in November 2011, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.
Bieber has been nominated and awarded numerous accolades, winning Artist of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards, and being nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards. Bieber is considered a teen idol....

Words can't explain how much I love this kid(; <3



nurul afrina bt ahmad firdaus tey !

nurul afrina , tuh nmew bestie saia !
die nim garang n skew mara org tatao kenapew
but p'yayang .
die muncul kt mukew bumi nim 3/12/1998 !
muncul kt Hospital Bersalin KUALA LUMPUR.
fav food die KFC n chicken chop , senang2 western jerkk ,
fav drink oreo ais blanded ,
fav icecraem chocolate n vanila
is taken by WAN MOHD AFIFI / PIEJ0E =.="
c fat yunk adeww kt bdax nim garang n skew mara org but p'yayang ?!
XSUKEW dip'maenkan
XSKEW org m'gate die (nim yunk die pling BENCI !)
skew bnda2 yunk m'cbar
( senang ctew , die celupa saia ! TWINS :p )

nim pixca die "::"
( i lup u so much !!!  , remember that ! )

p/s : die BELIEBERS gaxx !


Friday, December 09, 2011

still kidrauhl

just growing up , still kidrauhl

jaitlin & jelena !

u know , i dont like jelena , i mean i like selena , i just dont like jelena....*(sorry 4 the jelena supporter)
but i like Jaitlin batter ...#jaitlin4ever ! :)  -Jaitlin BieDles ( justin bieber and caitlin beadles )
but justin is happy with am happy 4 them ! :) fake smile ...

caitlin & justin :)

justin & selena :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

my bestieee

hey u !
saia nuq citew sal bestiee saia

nme die nurwahida amalin bt mohd azman , umor die 13 taon but die mcm saia act cam 17 !
same jerrk die nan saia , kembar !
d.o.b. die 6.3.98. , p.o.b die kt Hospital Machang ..
hobby bestiee saia nim TIDUR , surf internet , berbloging ..
fav food : western , fav drink : orange juice
ambition : doctor..
status : single and ready to mingle...
nim pixca die :::
tomey,tomey,tomey ?

p/s:to jerkk saia thu sal die..


hey u !
  • my name iz edlyn...
here are sum boring shizz u don't really need to know,
would like to share wif u !
  • i'm 13 ( but act like 17 )
  • i lup PURPLE and BLUE ( nice combination ayee ?! )
  • mess wif meh,i mess wif yoo face ! simple as that !
  • i lup to help & listen to people
  • MUSIC my life !
  • am a BELIEBERS !
That is all 4 now >.< aigth,later patties !